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Apr 07

There are many different benefits to owning a hot tub. You can enjoy all of the great health benefits that come from soaking in warm water, such as pain relief and relaxation. But not all hot tubs come with built-in temperature gauges, which means you have to purchase one separately. When it comes time to buy a hot tub thermometer, there are many options available on the market today! In this blog post I will review some of my favorite thermometers so that you don’t have trouble deciding which one is right for you.

#1 – GAME 14030-BB Solar Floating Digital Pool Thermometer

The first hot tub thermometer on the list is from GAME. You’ll have an accurate temperature reading that’s easy to read with two LCD screens, one on each side. These screens are easy to read and located at the top of the device so you can determine your precise water temperature easily.

The temperature of the water is shown in both Celsius or Fahrenheit so you can choose to use either. This digital thermometer has an extension that can be manually set at five inches beneath the surface, which helps you get a much more accurate temperature reading, because the water in the pool and the temperature at the surface won’t be the same.

This pool thermometer is long enough so that you can avoid getting it stuck inside of the skimmer, and a tether line comes included in the box which will make it much easier when reaching for the thermometer.

One of the benefits to digital thermometers is quicker read outs. Some might debate the accuracy against a regular thermometer but with few exceptions, they are much more convenient and provide instant read outs when you don’t fancy leaving your thermometer in your water all of the time.

GAME 14030-BB Solar Digital Pool & Spa Thermometer Floating, Solar Powered & No Batteries Needed, Fahrenheit & Celsius, Double-Sided Display, Large Easy to Read LCD Screen, Light Blue
  • SOLAR POWERED: The GAME Solar Digital Pool and Spa Thermometer is solar powered which means no batteries are needed. This floating swimming pool thermometer stays charged by using energy from the earth’s sun.
  • LARGE, EASY-TO-READ NUMBERS: This floating temperature gauge features large, easy-to-read numbers on a double-sided LCD screen that is angled allowing you to easily determine the temperature of your pool, spa, pond or bathtub.
  • TEMPERATURES IN FAHRENHEIT OR CELSIUS: Our pool and hot tub thermometer is made from high-quality, shatter-resistant materials. Use the blue button to switch the temperature display to Fahrenheit or Celsius. This floating pool temperature gauge reaches a depth of 5-inches below the water’s surface for a more accurate reading of your swimming pool’s water temperature.
  • TETHER INCLUDED: For easy installation and a secure fit, we’ve built a durable and long-lasting tether. The tether helps to prevent it from floating into the skimmer basket or other pool-cleaning equipment.
  • PAIRS PERFECTLY WTH OTHER GAME PRODUCTS: Our wireless pool thermometer design is produced by GAME. This thermometer pairs perfectly with other great GAME-branded pool products such as our solar chlorinators.

#2 – Pull Together Floating Pool Thermometer With Turtle

If you’re hoping to monitor the temperature of any water in a domestic setting, whether it’s an outdoor pool or a hot tub, this device is perfect for the job.

One feature this device offers is that it doesn’t need batteries. It also has some string attached to pull it out of your water or secure it on the side rather than having to get in and disturb those relaxing bubbles you’re enjoying.

However, because it floats naturally, retrieving it shouldn’t be a problem. The casing of this hot tub thermometer is made from toughened materials that won’t shatter, and the thermometer has a casing protecting it. Despite its durability and size, the wireless hot tub thermometer is amazingly lightweight.

#3 – Pull Together Pool Thermometer With Flamingo

We have a pool thermometer with a fun design to alert you when the water temperature is just right! The Pull Together floating spa thermometers bring tropical summer style to any pool or hot tub.

This isn’t just a cool decoration for your hot tub. It has a large temperature scale so you can check the water’s temperature throughout. It recommends waiting 1 or 2 minutes once you have placed it in your filled hot tub to see an accurate reading.

This digital hot tub thermometer provides a large enough display so that you won’t have issues seeing it from a distance of 5 feet. It’s also made with materials that are resistant to shattering, which means you can use it anywhere, like in your pool.

This pool thermometer has a 4 feet tether for easy readability. It has been created with anti-oxidation and environmentally friendly materials, and it is accurate for your safety as well as having the durability a pool thermometer should have.

XY-WQ Floating Pool Thermometer, Large Size Easy Read for Water Temperature, Shatter Resistant with String for Outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pools and Spas (Flamingo)
  • 🏊Includes rope tether to keep the thermometer from floating away.
  • 🏊The pond thermometer is made from durable material & shatter-resistant, so you can use it for a long time.
  • 🏊Temperature reading range:20 to 120 °F / -10 to 50 °C.
  • 🏊Suitable for Paddling Pools, Swimming Pools, Hot tubs, Baby Pool, Fish ponds, Jacuzzis, Spas and Large Aquariums, etc.
  • 🏊This is not a toy, keep away from children. No more guesswork with accurate temperature readings.

#4 – Blufree Thermometer with Blue Whale

There are many fun types of hot tub thermometers available, such as this one with a Blue Whale by Blufree. Although you may not think about warranties when making a purchase like this, you’ll be happy to see this has a great one.

If the maker behind your hot tub thermometer backs it, you can usually trust that you are buying quality. This thermometer by Blufree comes with a 1 year warranty and you also have 45 days to ask for your money back.

This is a water thermometer that doesn’t contain electronic parts and comes in a unit of sturdy construction.

The product features a Blue Whale, like the kind that people have floating in their bathtubs. This thermometer comes to a total of 8 and a half inches when laid out horizontally.

Blufree Pool Thermometer Floating, Shatter Resistant, Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Pond Water Thermometer for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, Jacuzzis, Aquariums & Pond
  • 【Premium Quality】The pond thermometer is made from durable material & shatter resistant, so you can use it for a long time.
  • 【Cartoon Design and Multifunctional】This floating pool thermometer use animal cartoon design, it can perfectly be used as water thermometer and bath toy. Floating thermometer offers precise water temperature and pleasant time for you, your family and your friends.
  • 【Accurate Temperature Reading】The pool thermometer floating easy read is with high-precision temperature sensor which ensures an accurate temperature readout. Also it floats on water's surface for easy access and quick readings. Floating temperature gauge displays temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius (120 Fahrenheit and 50 Celsius).
  • 【Easy to use】This spa thermometer has clear, large numbers which easy to read, it can be used in swimming pool, fish pond, bathtub, jacuzzis, aquariums.
  • 【Money Back Guarantee】We guarantee our thermometer pool 45 Days 100% money back or free exchange and 12 month warranty. Please feel free to contact us if you have any trouble. We will offer you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.

#5 – Davespa Pro Large Water Thermometer

Hot tubs can add a fresh splash of color to the backyard or patio but they need special care and treatment. Keeping your hot tub clean while it’s being used takes a few extra tools that aren’t part of its standard installation by default.

One more thing you have to keep and eye on is your water temperature. When you use this spa or pool thermometer, you are certain that the water temperature is how you want it for your pool or hot tub.

It’s always a good idea to use these thermometers in your own pool or hot tub alongside the regular monitoring device, to ensure that everything is functioning as it should.

We highly recommend the floating hot tub thermometer, which is well-built and simple to use, with a large display, and needs no instructions to use. It also has a 12-month warranty.

Katikies Large Floating Pool Thermometer Water Floating Temperature Thermometer with String Outdoor&Indoor Thermometer for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, Fish and Ponds
  • 🏆Large temperature reading display, in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Reads Up to 100 Fahrenheit and 40 Celsius
  • 🏆Measures pool and spa water temperature and provide accurate reading
  • 🏆Premium quality, Built from Durable Material & Shatter Resistant
  • 🏆Ideal as a Pool Water Thermometer, Pool Spa Thermometer, Hot Tubs, Fish Ponds, Aquariums and All Other Types of Systems
  • 🏆Floats on water's surface for easy access and quick readings

Frequently Asked Hot Tub Thermometer Questions

How deep should a pool thermometer go?

A pool thermometer should be placed at least three feet below the water’s surface. This is to ensure that it can measure accurate temperature readings, as well as maintain a proper balance of chemicals in your swimming area or hot tub for safety and sanitation purposes.

What is inside a pool thermometer?

A pool thermometer is made up of a glass tube with mercury inside. The liquid metal expands and contracts based on the temperature, which causes it to rise or fall in relation as well – this movement can be measured by an attached dial that displays degrees Fahrenheit (°F) or Celsius (-C). There are also digital versions available for purchase if you prefer not having any moving parts at all!

Some models even have alarms built-in so they will alert when temperatures reach unsafe levels; these should always stay close enough where someone could hear them from outside your home’s walls without being too far away themselves either way though just incase there was ever some sort emergency situation happening nearby.

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