Inflatable Hot Tub Cleaning and Maintenance

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Oct 25
inflatable hot tub cleaning

Inflatable hot tubs are a great way to relax either alone or with a friend. Cleaning your inflatable hot tub not only makes using it a more enjoyable experience, but prolongs the fun you get out of it. There are a variety of cleaning methods, products, and supplies for inflatable hot tub maintenance. Refer to this convenient guide on cleaning your inflatable hot tub.

Whats the Problem?

Most inflatable hot tubs need regular care. Whether you need to remove grit and sand that’s accumulated at the bottom, skin oils and lotions that pool at the surface, leaves and other debris or mildew, identifying the problem ensures you can skilfully address it with the right tools and cleaners.

General Cleaning: Filter

Most manufacturers will recommend cleaning inflatable hot tubs prior to each use, or weekly if not in use. Weekly instructions include removing and cleaning the filter. Check the manual that came with the inflatable hot tub for instructions on cleaning this item. The filter is usually located in an easy-to-reach place outside the hot tub and should not take long to clean. Simply hose or spray the filter off. If you notice more debris than usual floating in the hot tub, you may need to clean the filter more often. Inflatable hot tub filters should be replaced every 6 months.

General Cleaning: Water

Your kit should come with a sanitizing solution. Simply add the directed amount to the water and follow instructions on how long to wait. This should also be done weekly. The hot tub should be drained and cleaned every 3 to 4 weeks to prevent mildew and to clean the vinyl surfaces. If this is done in the recommended time frame, only a mild soap and warm water are required. Scrub the lining down with a soap, soft cloth and rinse. The water’s pH should be tested regularly as well. Most inflatable hot tubs have their own testing kit. If not, purchase one from a supplier. The testing kit will come with tablets or solutions to adjust the water pH. Follow instructions accordingly. Or, you can use baking soda. This is much easier on the skin and environment. For every 100 gallons, use about 1 tablespoon of baking soda.

General Cleaning: Surrounding Areas

If you have a deck or steps leading to the inflatable hot tub, always check for safety concerns. Steps may need a railing. Slippery mildew or mold can make wooden decks a safety hazard. Watch for and remove any splinters or loose nails. Check for debris on the deck too. Remove larger things such as bottles from decks when finished with them. Sweep leaves and smaller, natural debris off to prevent accumulation within the hot tub. Make sure to properly install a hot tub cover after use. Wipe down the top and bottom of the cover weekly as well; check for signs of mold or mildew, especially on the underside.

Deep Cleaning: Different Needs

Mold or mildew is most likely to accumulate under the hot tub cover, especially if it has not been wiped down regularly. Granulated chlorine is frequently used to combat this. Add granules to water according to directions and wipe down surface, rinsing thoroughly. Be sure the area you are working in is well ventilated and wear gloves and eye protection.

Other Products

Inflatable hot tub owners should be aware of other products they may need. Vinyl repair kits come in handy for small punctures or tears in the hot tub. Many hot tub stores offer hot tub locks, which are important if you also have small children or pets at home. There are other products that can make caring for your hot tub easier, such as tools for picking up grit and small pieces from the hot tub floor. Inflatable hot tub stores offer specialized cleaners not found in other stores. Finally, you can find hot tub liners, hose covers, and even hot tub skin replacement kits for your hot tub.

Professional Services

Sometimes you just need a little professional help. If you want someone else to take care of that pesky mold or mildew you don’t have the time to deal with, professional services can take care of that and free up more of your time. Or, professional services can answer your questions about parts or cleaning. Installing a new pump can be done by a professional.

A little prevention goes a long way with inflatable hot tubs. With the right tools and care, you can spend hours enjoying this unique way to relax!

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