Can Inflatable Hot Tubs Be Used Indoors?

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Nov 22
inflatable hot tub indoors

Inflatable hot tubs are the convenient alternative to conventional hot tubs, which are not only fixed to one location but also space-consuming.

Even the smallest size of the traditional tubs takes lots of space. If you have limited space to allocate for a hot tub, then an inflatable one will let you have an incredible hot tub experience even with space constraints.

You can also move an inflatable hot tub easily around your property – yes, even indoors! They’re great for kids and adults to enjoy outdoors during summers and indoors during the winter season or when you want more privacy.

Inflatable Hot Tub for the Basement

This is one of the popular options for indoor inflatable hot tub placement as the basement is separated from a home’s main living area. The basement floor is able to support the weight of a hot tub.

After all, it is supporting the whole house. But, it is important to remember that an inflatable tub is a huge source of moisture.

The heat that comes from it can react with the cold room temperature, then condensation will form on the windows, ceilings, and walls. Together with the steam, it will lead to rotting and mold.

Quality ventilation, therefore, is necessary for indoor inflatable hot tubs. As the last resort if you don’t have sufficient ventilation, use in-room exhaust fans.

To make sure that moisture doesn’t appear, it is also recommended by manufacturers of inflatable hot tubs to use fan heaters to equalize room temperature and prevent condensation. It is also advised to use a dehumidifier.

Inflatable Hot Tub for the Ground Floor

If you want your inflatable hot tub to be on the ground floor rather than the basement, make sure you call the Homeowners Association first and consult a contractor regarding the maximum weight your flooring can handle.

Remember that a wooden floor is a very bad choice for any type of tub. Put your inflatable hot tub indoors where there is a tiled or concrete surface.

The best place is often the bathroom for indoor placement of inflatable hot tubs. All bathrooms already have ventilation. Other rooms in your house are sure to sustain damage by moisture.

If you aren’t able to place the portable tub in a bathroom on your ground floor, then make sure it’s going to be in a room where there’s ventilation. Don’t forget to use a dehumidifier.

When placing an inflatable hot tub indoors, it’s important that you carefully evaluate your flooring’s structural capacities and the room’s ventilation system.

The typical mistakes homeowners make include failure to make the necessary preparations on the walls and floor to avoid excessive humidity and having inadequate ventilation.

It’s not only dangerous to you and your entire family’s health, but it also puts the stability of the house at risk. If you aren’t sure of your tub’s indoor placement, it’s highly advised that you consult with a contractor.

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How to Choose the Right Indoor Inflatable Hot Tub

With the increasing demand for indoor inflatable hot tubs, buyers now have several great options.

To find the best one that suits your needs, consider these crucial factors:


There are two different kinds of jets that come with pop-up hot tubs; air jets and hydro jets.

The jet type is one of the crucial factors to be taken into consideration when buying the best inflatable tub. You would want a unit that has hydro jets as it’s more powerful.

The power difference between the two types of jets for indoor inflatable hot tubs is very noticeable. A tub with hydro jets can offer a strong yet relaxing massage as you’re soaking in warm water.

Extra Features

In order for you to get the most out of your inflatable hot tub purchase, you’d want your portable spa to come equipped with extra features.

Although the standard is pumps, bubble jets, and heaters, you’ll find that there are those that have hard water systems for softening the water, as well as filters and timers. A timer allows you to set the temperature that suits your comfort level at a predetermined time.

For instance, if you set the timer at 15 minutes, you’ll have hot, bubbling water throughout the duration with the water slowly cooling down automatically after the time is up.


Yes, the size of the indoor inflatable hot tub matters. Fortunately, you have various options in terms of tub size.

There are those that can accommodate 2 or even up to 6 people at a time. It will entirely depend on how big you want your tub to be and the size of the space available for its placement. When deciding on the size, also consider the number of people that will be using the spa.

The capacity of indoor inflatable tubs is typically on the product description or printed on the packaging. Remember that it is the absolute maximum number of persons that an inflatable spa can handle at a time.

It’s going to be very cozy. If what you want is more space between you and other people in the tub with you, then make sure you get the bigger size (if your space and budget allow).

To give you an example, if you’re getting an inflatable hot tub to fit a household that consists of four members, we suggest you buy the 6-person portable tub instead.

This way, you will get extra room. You also need to remember that a larger portable hot tub will cost more for its maintenance. Still, comfort is a great luxury to have when it comes to enjoying your own inflatable hot tub.

Buying an indoor inflatable spa is an excellent choice as it’s space and budget-friendly as opposed to built-in hot tubs. Are you excited to get one? Start picturing yourself coming home from a long, tiring day and soaking the stress and worries away in an indoor inflatable hot tub!

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