MSPA Super Camaro B-150 Inflatable Hot Tub Review

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Mar 29
MSPA Super Camaro B-150 Inflatable Hot Tub Review

The MSPA Super Camaro B-150 is a large hot tub that offers you the best experience and relaxation unmatched by any other. In the world of hot tubs, relaxation, size, quality, and design are the some of the things considered, and the MSPA Super Camaro B-150 comprises of this and many more attributes. The Super Camaro is easy to operate and use as it only requires you to push a button and the Super Camaro B-150 will self-inflate, and it takes around 5 minutes. After which, using a tap or hose you then fill it up with clean water, and simply connect it to a 120V/15 Amp outlet. Featuring a powerful air bubble jet you can turn it on and give yourself the best hot spa experience and why not… you deserve it after a long day of work!

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In many MSPA inflatable hot tub spa reviews, experts rate the Super Camaro B150 as one of the best extra-large, yet comfortable hot spas in the market. The Super Camaro is a six adult sitter inflatable hot spa, but we would recommend 4-5 adults so as to have enough room or space to move around and stretch comfortably. This recommendation is due to its dimensions being; 80 in length × 80 in width × 28 in depth, and this space can be small for well-built adults but can fit six teenagers comfortably. The MSPA Supper Camaro B-150 can hold approximately 245 gallons/930 liters of water at any single time which is a bit impressive considering the depth of 28 inches provided. The Super Camaro B-150 also weighs 84 lbs which enables you to carry or move it with ease. This spa comes made of light but durable material.

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The MSPA Super Camaro B-150 heats up to an impressive 104F which is the standard temperature for all hot tub spas. This temperature is a very high and we would recommend you lower it a bit, but for all of you who love excess heat then the Super Camaro is the right fit for you. It may take 10 – 12 hours to hit the 104F temperature which may be a bit long. For those who want a quick dip into the spa, you can warm it up for an hour or two and enjoy the warmth of it. Alternatively, you can heat the tub up to the maximum temperature, give it an hour to cool and then slide in for the best relaxation for your body.


When you buy the MSPA inflatable hot tub, it comes with everything you need to set up the hot tub and enjoy. The Super Camaro comes with; the hot tub, manometer, 2 x filter, garden hose adapter, inflatable bladder, heat preservation bubble mat, 11 ft power cord and an instruction DVD user manual. So once you unpack the box, lay the hot tub on a flat surface, which should be enough to fit the tub comfortably. Then plug in the power cable into any 120V/15 Amp outlet and it will self-inflate in around 5 minutes, which is very impressive for such an extra large hot tub. Then you should fill it up with water which on a standard flow would take 40 minutes or less and after it’s filled choose the temperature on display and set the desired temperature. Once hot to the desirable temperature get in and enjoy your hot tub spa. If you are unable to set it up, you can watch the DVD for instruction and guidance on how you can safely install your hot tub.

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The MSPA inflatable hot tub comes with a patented built-in control box with touch bottom controls. This feature eases the control of the hot tub while making it easy to use, and this is the first of the hot tub spas with inbuilt controls. The Super Camaro consists of a premium tough PVC leather-luxury Black Crocodile pattern fabric cover with golden satin trim and embossed MSPA logo. This unique design makes the hot tub look stylish and also due to the material used, it is very durable and delivers as expected. The Super Camaro also is built with 138 powerful air jets which produce as many bubbles as any other hot tub will do, this is to maximize the experience and ensures you can enjoy your dips in the hot tub even more.


While going through any MSPA inflatable hot tub reviews safety is emphasized to avoid any accidents that may occur due to lack of knowledge or ignorance. Before you setup or install your inflatable hot tub be sure to watch the instructional DVD manual to enable you to install it correctly to avoid electrocution or damage to your items. Kids/Toddlers should NEVER be left out in or around the hot tub alone without adult supervision to avoid drowning, burns and any other accidents that may arise. Don’t drink a lot of alcohol when in the inflatable hot tub to prevent loss of conscience which may lead to drowning. Remember always to keep safety first and if an item is not working as expected shut it down and seek expert help or advice.


The MSPA Super Camaro is a unique design which has clearly set the bar high for other manufacturers to match up to, and the company is always investing a lot of time and money to create the best product in the market. Though the inflatable hot tub spa might have some limitations from size, to taking long to hit maximum temperature, it is definitely the best six person inflatable hot tub on the market and has an impressive design and inflates in just 5 minutes (others take up to 1 hour to blow up or require manual inflation). Hence considering all factors, the Super Camaro is the best fit for anyone looking for an inflatable hot tub spa that can deliver great temperatures, relaxation, and comfort. We shall sure be looking for the next product from this manufacturer since they seem far from done and we will be here to review the next MSPA hot tub.

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