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Intex inflatable hot tub is always on the list of the best inflatable hot tubs, and it simply had to find its place among our inflatable hot tubs reviews. We tested a lot of hot tubs, but when it comes to the quality and features – we can clearly say that Intex Pure Spa is one of the best portable hot tubs on the market and that you should definitely read our review of this model. This will give you the opportunity to learn a bit more about this product and to be much more relaxed when you actually go shopping and decide to invest your heard-earned money.

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What makes this particular hot tub the best in the market?

hot_tubThere are many aspects that make Intex so good and separate it from the competition, and our portable hot tubs reviews can give you additional information about those elements. Jacuzzi hot tubs are usually very expensive and a lot of people can only dream of having one in their home, but we decided to make your life easier and to offer you a range of hot tub reviews that would make you more prepared for the process of buying one of these portable spas.

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67217-intex-purespa-77-jet-massage-spa5Best portable hot tubs come with a range of options and attributes, and Intex incorporates the best of those options into their hot tub. Their inflatable hot tub is created with Fiber-Tech construction, which means that the sides of the tub are robust and reliable at the same time. This does not mean that the hot tub is not movable, and Intex inflatable hot tub is extremely portable and you can easily position it anywhere you like. This model is not expensive but it gives a feeling of luxury and it will greatly improve the style of your backyard and give it a more stylish and classy appearance.

How to use Intex hot tubs?

67217-intex-purespa-77-jet-massage-spa3Modern portable spas generally include several additions, such as a cover, a heater, a blower and a chlorine dispenser and all of those elements are a part of Intex hot tub package. Once you decide to invest in this inflatable hot tub, you will learn that you have a 12-month warranty and that many other surprises await you. Our portable hot tubs reviews usually list all of those items, but this may be a challenge with this product, because of the wide range of features and the quality of options. For instance, this portable spa comes with a digital control system, and you can manage all aspects of the system from this device with a simple touch of your finger. Also, Intex inflatable hot tub has a hard water treatment system, which is built-in and it can be said that this method is introducing a slight revolution in the world of spas and hot tubs. 210 gallons of water can be soothing to your skin and you will have no problems with chemicals in the water, which means that you can completely relax and enjoy in the bubbling harmony that surrounds you. Efficient heating will prepare the water for you in a much shorter period, and there are also 4 color-changing LED lights to make your time in the tub more exciting and entertaining.

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DON OXLEY June 18, 2017

what are the outer dimensions of the tub if i wanted to build a platform for it

Pam August 22, 2017

My sister bought one of these and she LOVES it.
After being in it once, I knew I just HAD to get one.
With my limited income it wasn’t in my budget. But I saw a used one and my sister loaned me the money.
I LOVE my hot tub!!!
It works great, it’s easy to maintain, and it helps me
and my sister with our chronic pain issues.
I would recommend this to anyone that needs to
have hydrotherapy and can’t afford the sessions.
Or for anyone to just relax and enjoy. It’s the best
hot tub for the price. And when this one finally breaks, I will definitely purchase another Intex tub!

John September 22, 2017

What a great review! This Intex Pure Spa hot tub seem to be very large, a whole family can seat inside and enjoy it. However, I wonder how long it take to inflate this hot tub? It may take a lot of time.

    Tom Semplenski October 27, 2018

    it only takes minutes to inflate: there is a hose that connects from the hardware to the spa; you turn on the switch and the blower inflates the spa quickly.

Shawna sutherland January 15, 2018

I would just like to thank you for a great product. I work a lot 60+ hours and was skeptical on buying an “inflatable” hot tub. Not only was it easy to set up I was surprised by the jets. I definitely got WAY more than I planned for with this spa. My body and my family thanks you for providing an exceptional product I’m more relaxed and sleep better!!!!!!!

Daniel Lawrence November 27, 2019

Does it have a salt water system

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